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Press Release

NEW YORK—The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present a selection of works from the first half of the 1970s by the artists Richard Artschwager, Jennifer Bartlett, Lynda Benglis, Jonathan Borofsky, Robert Grosvenor, Michael Hurson, Elizabeth Murray, Joel Shapiro, Alan Shields, and Jackie Winsor. These artists were all associated with the Paula Cooper Gallery at the time and some continue to be represented by the gallery today. The exhibition will be on view at 521 West 21st Street from November 9 to December 2, 2006.

Sometimes dubbed “the pluralist era” of American art, the 1970s were a decade of experimentation and diversity. Alongside the continued impact of minimalism, conceptual art and pop art, artists explored new media and developed a variety of practices that sometimes cohered into movements and sometimes remained highly idiosyncratic. The works on view capture a small fraction of the richness of American art in that period and focus in particular on the artists of that decade’s interest in materials and process.

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or