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Press Release

Consideration, Carey Young’s solo show at Paula Cooper Gallery, featured a series of legally-enforceable contracts between artist and viewer.

Created in conjunction with a legal team, the text, video and performative works entice the viewer into agreements that explore notions of individual autonomy, freedom of speech and the social contract. Engaging participants in a series of contractual relationships, Young dissects the viewer’s experience of the exhibition, from accepting the exhibition invitation, to entering and moving around the exhibition space.

With legally-trained executives increasingly running movie studios, news agencies and universities, Consideration interrogates the legal ‘lock down’ of contemporary cultural life and develops Young’s interest in legal structures, language and the performative.

To create all of the works dated 2005 Carey Young worked with a legal team comprised of Robert Lands and Jaime Stapleton, with further assistance from Anne Barron (from artist’s website).

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or