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Press Release

For his exhibition at the Paula Cooper Gallery, Carl Andre has created five new works. Materials employed include poplar planks, red Scottish sandstone blocks, and copper and lead plates. The configurations of the works derive directly from the shapes and dimensions of the identical units which make up each piece. All the works are horizontal floor sculptures.

Parhelion is composed of 62 poplar planks arrayed in two interlocking concentric circles. The circle-generating intervals between the planks are the width of the planks themselves. Rosehenge is an incomplete circle of alternating horizontal and vertical sandstone blocks. Forth Lattice is a rectangular composition of 77 interlocking sandstone blocks alternating in end, edge, and face positions.

The Void Enclosed by the Lead & Copper Squares of Three, Four, and Five and The Void Enclosed by the Copper Squares of Three, Four, and Five continue a series of works determined by the Pythagorean Theorem. The first work in this series in steel was created for the restored Stommeln Synagogue in Stommeln-Pulheim, Germany, in 1997. The “void” refers to the tragic destruction of the ancient Jewish community in the rural village of Stommeln.

The seven poems, or Hand Trials, displayed at the entrance to the gallery, were created in 1972. Rather than the typewritten format of most of Carl Andre’s poetry, these works were handwritten in pen and ink on graph paper. Their subjects include the geography of Boston Harbor, The Conquest of Mexico, and King Philip’s War. They have never before been exhibited.

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