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Press Release

NEW YORK—The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present a selection of new paintings by John Tremblay. This exhibition is the artist’s first at Paula Cooper Gallery and his first one-person show in New York since 1999. The paintings will be on view from 12 February through 15 March 2003 at 521 West 21st Street.

John Tremblay’s paintings are optical explorations around the interplay between pure color and the accumulation of simple shapes. Using either silk-screened patterns or templates, Tremblay creates aggregates of a repeated form (such as squares or ellipses) over shimmering expanses of painted canvas, modulating color in and between the forms with contrasting, at times metallic hues. The eye attempts to interpret shifts in color and shape in terms of depth and perspective, but the possibility of a figure/ground relationship, though alluded to, is simultaneously opposed, and the viewer is carried back and forth between three-dimensional space and the surface. While the works borrow elements from optical and kinetic art, they also make reference to notions of invisibility, speed and zero gravity borrowed from visual and architectural theory. Their convergence takes the form of a bright-hued effervescence.

John Tremblay first exhibited in New York in 1990, and has shown extensively in Europe and the United States since then. His works are in the collection of the Fonds National d’Art Contemporain, France, the Fogg Art Museum, Boston, and the Cabinet des Estampes, Geneva. He was born in Massachusetts in 1966 and lives and works in New York.

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or