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Sherrie Levine
Sherrie Levine

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Sherrie Levine
Sherrie Levine

Press Release

NEW YORK—The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by Sherrie Levine. The exhibition will be on view from November 6 through December 4, 2004, at 534 West 21st Street.

Levine will present Mourning Mirrors, a new series of twelve black mirrors made of polished and reflective black glass framed in dark wood. Here, as with much of her sculpture, Levine’s interest lies foremost with the physical presence of the object and the sensual quality of the materials used. The mirrors’ dark gleam has the elegiac feel of funerary or memorial sculpture. With their frame and color, as well as their status as generic objects, the mirrors also maintain an ambiguous relationship to both monochromatic painting and the readymade.

For years, Levine’s work has raised critical questions about authenticity, the function of tradition and the relation of reproduction to original, questions central to artmaking today. Of her work, she says: “I try to make art which celebrates doubt and uncertainty. Which provokes answers but doesn’t give them. Which withholds absolute meaning by incorporating parasite meanings. Which suspends meaning while perpetually dispatching you toward interpretation, urging you beyond dogmatism, beyond doctrine, beyond ideology, beyond authority.”

Sherrie Levine was born in Hazelton, Pennsylvania, in 1947, and grew up in St. Louis. She attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, where she graduated with a B.A. in 1969 and a M.F.A. in 1973, and moved to New York in 1975. She had one-person exhibitions at ICA, London, 1983; the Hirshhorn Museum, Washington D.C., 1988; the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, 1988; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, 1991; the Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, 1992; and Portikus, Frankfurt, 1994, among many others. Since 1997, Levine has divided her time between New York City and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or