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Press Release

The Paula Cooper Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of a new structure by Sol LeWitt, Four-Sided Pyramid, 1997. The exhibition will also include maquettes of other cinder block sculptures and recent gouache drawings.

Four-Sided Pyramid is composed of a progression of uniform concrete blocks whose stepped monumental form suggests a ziggurat–an ancient Mesopotamian temple. Rising approximately 16 feet in height and over 32 feet in length and width, this intricate serial structure resonates with cultural references. LeWitt began to employ cinder block as a material in the mid-1980s and has continued to explore its many formal possibilities and variations. Four-Sided Pyramid is a manifestation or modification of one such basic idea or geometric form.  Its strength lies in its formal rigor as well as in its visual and associative complexity.

LeWitt’s gouache drawings explore form through brush and color.  Their lyrical imagery and sumptuous color further exemplify the range of LeWitt’s art.

For more information, please contact the gallery: (212) 255-1105 or