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Press Release

NEW YORK—A group exhibition of work by Wayne Gonzales, Robert Grosvenor, Roy Lichtenstein, Rita McBride and Dan Walsh will be on view in the main gallery at the Paula Cooper Gallery at 534 West 21st Street from April 22 through June 3, 2000. The works in this show address the concept of architectural scale as approached in the model and in actual, life-sized forms.

Walsh’s site-specific wall drawing using black tape outlines the main gallery, magnifying its spatial properties. In a similar vein, Lichtenstein’s 18’ entablature frieze painting presents an architectural motif realized in a dramatic scale. Part bench and part platform, Grosvenor’s untitled sculpture from 1995-96 fuses the mosaics of suburban patios with humorous references to the mundane and banal, while McBride’s bent plywood bleachers present a participatory arena for the audience on a life-sized scale. Paintings by Gonzales and Walsh, respectively, depict repetitions of facades and architectural structures. A model of a parking garage by McBride, the exhibition’s single small-scale work, illustrates the flip side of this architectural paradigm, compressing representation to a miniaturized version of the projected site.

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