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Jack Macrae, Rhode Island, late 1980s

Jack Macrae, Rhode Island, late 1980s.

It is with immense sadness that Paula Cooper Gallery announces the passing of John (Jack) Macrae III. Macrae was a renowned editor and publisher responsible for award-winning titles by authors such as Jorge Luis Borges, David Levering Lewis, Ed Abbey, Calvin Tomkins, Carl Safina, and Hilary Mantel. In his long and impactful career Macrae worked with Harper & Row, Dutton, and spent thirty-five years with Henry Holt, where he was editor-in-chief in the 1980s. In 2003 Macrae opened the independent bookstore 192 Books with his wife, Paula Cooper. The loss of Jack Macrae is mourned by his wife, Paula, his four children, John, Liza, Phebe, and Annabel, and stepchildren Lucas and Nick.