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Paul Pfeiffer in "Once Upon a Time Inconceivable"

Once Upon a Time Inconceivable, a group exhibition on the occasion of Protocinema's ten year anniversary, brings together works by Abbas Akhavan, Hera Büyüktaşçıyan, Banu Cennetoğlu, Ceal Floyer, Gülşah Mursaloğlu, Zeyno Pekünlü, Paul Pfeiffer, Amie Siegel, and Mario García Torres. 

Paul Pfeiffer’s Orpheus Descending (2001), a multi-channel video, displays the ten-week life cycle of a flock of chickens as they hatch from their eggs and develop from day-old chicks to full-grown adults. While the original live version of the video, installed in the World Trade Center three months before its destruction, displayed the chickens in real time, this new version, shown in Istanbul 20 years after its first realization, brings all that has been lost along the way in changing times and spaces.