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Sophie Calle

The Centre Pompidou Málaga dedicates its temporary exhibition to the work of Sophie Calle (1953, Paris). She is a reference artist on the French and international art scene. In the early 1970s, she set out on a long journey across the world. Upon her return to Paris, she experimented for the first time with street tracking of anonymous passers-by.
In addition, she is considered a multidisciplinary, conceptual creator, photographer and video artist.

This exhibition highlights the almost forty years of creative work by this artist, through emblematic works from the Center Pompidou collection that illustrate her favorite themes, such as intimacy, love and absence. The exhibition tour begins with Le Mari [The Husband] (1995), a series of texts associated with photographs and integrated into a broader project, Les Autobiographies [The Autobiographies], which Sophie Calle has worked on as if it were a daily since 1988. The next room is devoted to one of his early works, L'Hôtel [The Hotel] (1981-1983). The exhibition then offers Douleur Exquise [Exquisite Pain] (1995), a work created as a result of a love breakup. The tour concludes withSouris Calle , one of the artist's most recent projects, presented for the first time in Spain.

Lastly, the film No Sex Last Night (1995) will be screened, which made the artist's work internationally known. The tape is a road-movie of the trip made by Sophie Calle and her ex-husband, Greg Shephard, through the United States.