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Tauba Auerbach: Tide

Tauba Auerbach, born in 1981 in San Francisco and now living in New York, traces the visible and invisible patterns, structures, and rhythms that shape our universe. In addition, Auerbach’s artistic gaze is oriented toward the microcosmic and macrocosmic that constitute the complexity of being. To this end, the artist explores various scientific disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, anatomy, linguistics, and philosophy, while often adopting their rules and methods in an unconventional, willful manner. A special focus of interest lies in those areas that cannot be clearly measured, ascribed, or explained. Ambiguities, interstices, and borderline phenomena are thus recurring themes. Auerbach’s works, featuring paintings, drawings, weavings, films, artist’s books, typography, and sculptures, can be seen as sensitive associations to this artistic research. They are, on the one hand, characterized by an innovative aesthetic and language of form and, on the other, by a remarkable versatility, affording Auerbach a unique position in contemporary art discourse. The show at the Fridericianum features new works, some developed especially for Kassel, which are complemented by site-specifically staged older works.